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In California you are protected if you happened to have purchased a car that turned out to be a “lemon” or unusable car. This is commonly referred to as the California lemon law. Many of these “lemon laws” vary from state to state but in California you are covered if you bought a used or new car. There are of course some conditions that must be made in order for you really qualify for protection under this law.

In order to qualify for this provision you first must insure your car came with the manufacturers warranty. This can also be used if you bought a used car but again part of the warranty must still be valid in order for you to use the California lemon law.

Now if the car has significant amount of defects that renders the car unusable for a period of 30 days in a 18 month period you may qualify. As well if you have to repeatedly take the car in to be repaired, in California this is four times, then you also qualify. For safety issues you do not even have to wait until the four repair jobs are done as you only need two to qualify. This would include steering and brakes of course because losing those would cause you to be unsafe on the road.

The process once you decide to hire a California lemon law attorney is really fast. Typically most cases are resolved within 30 to 45 days if not just a bit longer. Now of course you did waste a lot of time trying to get your car fixed over the past several months so this may seem like a giant relief to you.

You are not required to obtain an attorney in order to pursue a case using the California lemon law. However, as many companies will have teams of lawyers hiring one may just be the best idea as then you will be fully equipped to deal with anything that comes up.

The law is actually pretty clear and simple once you sit down and read it. There really is no ambiguous language as I believe the creators decided to write the law so even the layman can understand it.

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In order to ensure your case has the best chance it is always best to come prepared. Make sure you have all the invoices, documented time spent in the shop, any fees or taxes paid, and the cost of the car. As well it is important to write down notes from any shop personnel you may have spoken to regarding your car. Being prepared is the best way to really create an iron clad case.

Whether or not you choose to go with a lawyer to fight your California lemon law case is up to you. However, you must be prepared to speak before a judge or give your story to a mediator if you choose that route. Most people are very successful with these lemon law cases whether or not they choose to have representation or not.

The Congressional Avandia Hearings | Williams Kherkher

Need an Avandia lawyer?  Contact an attorney today.Home > Articles > The Congressional Avandia Hearings

A lot of press was dedicated to the recent hearings before a panel of experts with Congressional ties regarding Avandia, the diabetes drug that’s come under scrutiny for its link to heart attacks. The hearing has been completed, and recommendations have been made. The result was that the panel recommended that Avandia remain available for prescription, but that it now come with stern warnings on the label.

Below we’ll take a look at what this hearing was meant to accomplish and what the results of the recommendations will mean for Avandia and its manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, going forward.The Hearing

The Avandia hearing was held in reaction to a growing concern about the drug and its potential causal relationship with heart attacks. A study published in May by the New England Journal of Medicine produced some troubling statistics that suggested an elevated risk of heart problems in those who took Avandia. As a result, evidence from both sides of the issue was presented to the panel so that the body could make its recommendations.The Recommendation

The panel of experts heard and saw the evidence, and after deliberating on the issue decided that the risk of heart attacks was not sufficient enough to warrant pulling the drug from distribution. The panel did recommend, however, that the label affixed to all future containers of Avandia come with a warning that alerts users to its potential risks.What it Means

While the panel’s recommendations were not the be-all-end-all of this issue, their stance is quite persuasive towards the entity that will make the ultimate decision on whether or not Avandia remains in circulation – the FDA. The FDA is not required to follow these recommendations, but general practice in the past has shown that the FDA will follow the leanings of their advisers.

In a pragmatic sense, no one knows whether or not Avandia will continue its market dominance that it enjoyed before this issue arose. Despite the panel’s recommendations, doctors may still hesitate to prescribe the drug to patients, and patients may hesitate to accept such a prescription based on the reports that have surfaced recently.

One tangible result of this hearing was definitely a positive for GlaxoSmithKline, as the company’s stock value rose immediately after the panel’s recommendation was made public.

Gwinnett Family Law Attorney – Trip Collins

During the divorce
process, all of your marital property must be divided and distributed
between your and your spouse. It’s important to hire a divorce lawyer
who will look out for your best interest, and make sure your rights
are not violated at any point during the property distribution
process. At the Law Office of Trip Collins, you can rest assured
knowing your case will be handled by an attorney who has a decade of
experience in this particular area family law. Lawrenceville divorce
attorney Trip Collins can help you determine the value of your assets
and property, and make sure you receive what you are entitled to.
Property v. Separate Property
During the distribution process, all of your
assets, money, and property must be classified as either marital
property or separate property. All marital property will be subject to
equitable distribution, as both you and your spouse deserve a fair
share of your jointly held property and assets. It’s important to
realize the distinction between equitable distribution and equal
distribution. The judge will divide and distribute your property in a
way he/she deems fair, which may or may not be an exactly equal 50/50
split. Marital
Property refers to any property that was
acquired during the course of your marriage. Common examples of
marital property are real estate, pensions, stocks, 401k, time shares,
investments, savings accounts, small businesses, automobiles, jewelry,
debt, furniture, artwork, etc.Separate
Property refers to any property you already
possessed before you got married or after you got divorced. It also
includes inheritances, gifts from third parties, and damages awarded
in a lawsuit.  Separate property is not eligible for equitable
distribution. It stays in the possession of the deed/title holder or
original owner.Contact
Lawrenceville Property Division Attorney
Lawrenceville, GA Divorce Attorney
If you are going through a divorce,
Lawrenceville divorce lawyer Trip Collins can provide you with the
guidance and legal counsel you need at this stage of your case.
Attorney Trip Collins will help you assess the value of your marital
and separate property, discuss your options, and advise you of the
best way to proceed forward with the legal process. Once in the
courtroom, Mr. Collins will aggressively protect your rights, and make
sure you are awarded a fair share of your marital property. More than
anything, Trip Collins is dedicated to protecting your best interest,
and helping you make the best possible decision for your specific
needs. To speak with a
Lawrenceville divorce attorney who has extensive knowledge and
experience in
property division laws, please contact the Law Office of Trip Collins
at (770) 277-5407.
33 Clayton Street
Suite 203
Lawrenceville, GA 30045©
2010  Law Offices of
Trip Collins, LLC

Best Las Vegas Attorney & LawyerPrimary

Everyone seems to have attorneys. It is as if the law now controls our lives. A law suit could be around any corner. That is why it’s best to be covered and have a Henderson attorney on your side. There are so many concerns with Henderson Lawyers and attorneys in general. Many people see them as horrible monsters that are out to take away other people’s money. Which may be true, there are two sides to every story. The law is in place to protect its citizens and that is what a Henderson Attorney will do. They will do anything to make sure the law is on your side and provide the best possible attorneys possible. People are skeptical nothing good can come out of Las Vegas, but a Henderson attorney is different. Henderson Lawyers provide the best attorney services.

They provide everything you need to make sense of the law. Weather the dispute is over some accidents or child custody they are sure to put the child first and provide the best attorney Las Vegas services has to offer. Perhaps the most difficult part with attorneys is figuring out exactly what they are trying to say. The law lingo is a language that only someone that has gone to law school can understand.

A Henderson Attorney makes it their goal as an attorney to translate that law lingo so you can understand. The Henderson lawyers also explain all the options possible. This is important, because the law is complicated and you need someone to guide you.

Who better to guide you than someone you trust. That is what separates the Henderson Attorney from the other attorneys. They put you first. They guide you with experience and give you the best advice. Their law offices are very accommodating and willing to answer any questions you may be having. They provide map directions and a variety of other services to insure that you have all your questions answered. The worst feeling is when you leave the law offices with more questions than when you entered. That is what makes a Henderson Attorney different than the other attorneys. The law offices make it their duty to make sure you leave with all your questions answered.

In this day and age it seems ridiculous not to have an attorney. I would urge that everyone checks out what a Henderson Attorney could do for them. They have the law on their side and that is why you need them. They insure that you are taken care of and have the best attorney Las Vegas has to offer. The Law offices are located and accommodating to all different types of circumstances. The most dyer part of the law is having an attorney that specializes in what you need. Whether it involves accidents to disputes a Henderson attorney is sure to specialize in your given circumstance. They have a staff that is knowledgeable with the law and treat you like family. Henderson lawyers provide the best advice and are there to answer all your questions about the law. They give map directions to ensure you can get where you need to be. They also understand. It would be ridiculous if you lived near Las Vegas and didn’t have a Henderson attorney. The are the best attorneys around.
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The Law Office of Daniel Jensen also has a criminal law practice.  If you or someone you know has been arrested or subjected to criminal investigation—whether facing charges for theft, narcotics, DUI or any other criminal offense—contact the criminal law attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen as soon as possible—even before charges have been filed.  Learn more about our criminal law practice at

Custody and Mediation

Determining child custody in San Jose CA is one of the consequences of a divorce.  Custody orders can cover the right to physically care for a child and the right to make decisions about the child’s education and health.  The Law Office of Daniel Jensen can help you fairly and justly resolve custody arrangements.  And, when you need a modification of your parenting time and visitation arrangements, the attorneys at the firm will work with to find a solution that best serves all parties.
Mediation is a cooperative, voluntary process that offers a useful cost-benefit analysis.  Mediation allows for creative solutions that cannot be imposed by the court and generally results in faster dispute resolution. The San Jose family law attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen have extensive experience in mediation and strive to help families undergoing mediation reach fair and appropriate agreements.
The Court of Law & The Court of Public Opinion Continue To Overlap
If you or someone you know is facing a domestic issue, contact the Law Office of Daniel Jensen.