California Lemon Law AttorneysCalifornia Lemon Law Attorneys

In California you are protected if you happened to have purchased a car that turned out to be a “lemon” or unusable car. This is commonly referred to as the California lemon law. Many of these “lemon laws” vary from state to state but in California you are covered if you bought a used or new car. There are of course some conditions that must be made in order for you really qualify for protection under this law.

In order to qualify for this provision you first must insure your car came with the manufacturers warranty. This can also be used if you bought a used car but again part of the warranty must still be valid in order for you to use the California lemon law.

Now if the car has significant amount of defects that renders the car unusable for a period of 30 days in a 18 month period you may qualify. As well if you have to repeatedly take the car in to be repaired, in California this is four times, then you also qualify. For safety issues you do not even have to wait until the four repair jobs are done as you only need two to qualify. This would include steering and brakes of course because losing those would cause you to be unsafe on the road.

The process once you decide to hire a California lemon law attorney is really fast. Typically most cases are resolved within 30 to 45 days if not just a bit longer. Now of course you did waste a lot of time trying to get your car fixed over the past several months so this may seem like a giant relief to you.

You are not required to obtain an attorney in order to pursue a case using the California lemon law. However, as many companies will have teams of lawyers hiring one may just be the best idea as then you will be fully equipped to deal with anything that comes up.

The law is actually pretty clear and simple once you sit down and read it. There really is no ambiguous language as I believe the creators decided to write the law so even the layman can understand it.

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In order to ensure your case has the best chance it is always best to come prepared. Make sure you have all the invoices, documented time spent in the shop, any fees or taxes paid, and the cost of the car. As well it is important to write down notes from any shop personnel you may have spoken to regarding your car. Being prepared is the best way to really create an iron clad case.

Whether or not you choose to go with a lawyer to fight your California lemon law case is up to you. However, you must be prepared to speak before a judge or give your story to a mediator if you choose that route. Most people are very successful with these lemon law cases whether or not they choose to have representation or not.

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