Custody and Mediation

Determining child custody in San Jose CA is one of the consequences of a divorce.  Custody orders can cover the right to physically care for a child and the right to make decisions about the child’s education and health.  The Law Office of Daniel Jensen can help you fairly and justly resolve custody arrangements.  And, when you need a modification of your parenting time and visitation arrangements, the attorneys at the firm will work with to find a solution that best serves all parties.
Mediation is a cooperative, voluntary process that offers a useful cost-benefit analysis.  Mediation allows for creative solutions that cannot be imposed by the court and generally results in faster dispute resolution. The San Jose family law attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen have extensive experience in mediation and strive to help families undergoing mediation reach fair and appropriate agreements.
The Court of Law & The Court of Public Opinion Continue To Overlap
If you or someone you know is facing a domestic issue, contact the Law Office of Daniel Jensen.

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