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During the divorce
process, all of your marital property must be divided and distributed
between your and your spouse. It’s important to hire a divorce lawyer
who will look out for your best interest, and make sure your rights
are not violated at any point during the property distribution
process. At the Law Office of Trip Collins, you can rest assured
knowing your case will be handled by an attorney who has a decade of
experience in this particular area family law. Lawrenceville divorce
attorney Trip Collins can help you determine the value of your assets
and property, and make sure you receive what you are entitled to.
Property v. Separate Property
During the distribution process, all of your
assets, money, and property must be classified as either marital
property or separate property. All marital property will be subject to
equitable distribution, as both you and your spouse deserve a fair
share of your jointly held property and assets. It’s important to
realize the distinction between equitable distribution and equal
distribution. The judge will divide and distribute your property in a
way he/she deems fair, which may or may not be an exactly equal 50/50
split. Marital
Property refers to any property that was
acquired during the course of your marriage. Common examples of
marital property are real estate, pensions, stocks, 401k, time shares,
investments, savings accounts, small businesses, automobiles, jewelry,
debt, furniture, artwork, etc.Separate
Property refers to any property you already
possessed before you got married or after you got divorced. It also
includes inheritances, gifts from third parties, and damages awarded
in a lawsuit.  Separate property is not eligible for equitable
distribution. It stays in the possession of the deed/title holder or
original owner.Contact
Lawrenceville Property Division Attorney
Lawrenceville, GA Divorce Attorney
If you are going through a divorce,
Lawrenceville divorce lawyer Trip Collins can provide you with the
guidance and legal counsel you need at this stage of your case.
Attorney Trip Collins will help you assess the value of your marital
and separate property, discuss your options, and advise you of the
best way to proceed forward with the legal process. Once in the
courtroom, Mr. Collins will aggressively protect your rights, and make
sure you are awarded a fair share of your marital property. More than
anything, Trip Collins is dedicated to protecting your best interest,
and helping you make the best possible decision for your specific
needs. To speak with a
Lawrenceville divorce attorney who has extensive knowledge and
experience in
property division laws, please contact the Law Office of Trip Collins
at (770) 277-5407.
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