The Law Office of Daniel Jensen has over two decades of extensive experience navigating the family court system in California. The San Jose firm offers a wide range of legal assistance in family law and civil litigation.  Attorney Daniel Jensen is an efficient litigator who takes pride in being selected as one of the Silicon Valley’s Best Lawyers in Criminal Law and Family Law.
Family Law Practice

The family law attorneys at the firm handle an array of issues, including:

Paternity determinations
Restraining orders
Child support and spousal support
Custody and visitation rights
Move-away and parental relocation issues
Marital and pre-marital agreements
Divorce, nullity, and legal separation
Domestic partner rights
Property division and the allocation of marital assets and debts
Other family and marital issues…

Criminal Law Practice

The issues the criminal law attorneys at the firm handle include:

Drug-related crimes
Traffic violations
DUI/DWI offenses
Domestic violence
White collar crimes
Internet crimes
Breach of contract
Violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)
Sex offenses
Other criminal offenses…

Obtain a Favorable and Efficient Resolution

Regardless of the issue you are facing, the Law Office of Daniel Jensen will design a strategy for your case and handle the matter with caring, personalized attention.  We will not charge you for the initial consultation.  Contact the Law Office of Daniel Jensen to ensure your legal rights are protected.